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Our Weekend Market

Our weekend market is known for its delicious breakfast options, local live entertainment and generous spread of fresh fruit, vegetables, preserves, breads, condiments and other food products.

Hand selected, organic produce

Pop up farmers Market hosting local artisanal manufacturers from greater California Area

You are a local producer and you want to offer your products on weekends. Leave us your information and we will make it possible.

Kids friendly petting area

Safe petting area where your kids can come face-to-face with our farmyard animal friends

You don´t have to travel so far to have a hands on animal experience, in our farm petting area you can brush and pet the goats and get close to chickens.

Live local indie rock concert

Every week we expose a different local band. Want to perform live in our farm?

You have an indie band and you want to be heard, we have an opportunity for you every weekend, fill out our form and we will contact you soon.

Weekend Market
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